Photography lessons.

I offer four types of photography lessons, however each will be tailored to you.  All of my sessions are one to one (unless you want to bring someone along, for which there is an additional cost). The sessions are usually based in Greenwich or central London. Each lesson is focused on you taking the pictures, reviewing your images and learning how to improve the result. They are best suited to those, like me, who learn best by 'doing' rather than 'reading'.

You will be learning from a professional photographer who has been in the business for many years. I have a vast amount of teaching experience, training students at all experience levels.  Lessons are fun and run at a pace to suit you. 

Price.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Full Day £159.00 Usually starting around 10am running until 6pm with lunch (included) and a chance to review your pictures.                                                                                          Half Day £95.00 Usually starting around 10am, running until 2pm.

To book please go to the contact me page and either call or send me a message.

  • Beginner photography 101. For those of you who are new to photography or would like to know how to take control of your camera and learn how to create amazing photos. Learn how to make the camera produce the result that you want rather than letting the camera make all of the decisions. Learn how professional photographers compose pictures. Learn about depth of field and how to get those 'blurry background' pictures that many people love. As the lesson progresses you will learn about ISO, shutter speed and aperture and how these affect the pictures you take.  I like to think that people who take this session come away with at least one photo that they would be proud to hang on a wall at home.

  • Street photography. For those who would like to learn how to photograph life on the streets of the most vibrant, colourful and diverse city in the world. Learn the techniques that often produce thought provoking images. One of the biggest barriers to street photography is not knowing how to approach your subject or being worried about how your subject will react if they notice that you have just made a picture of them. I will teach you techniques which will help you to deal with these situations. 

  • Portrait photography, the basics. Ideal for those who know how to use their camera but would like to take on the specialism of portrait photography. Learn how of pose a model, lighting techniques and composition. You'll be given advice on camera equipment, techniques and lighting accessories. 

  • Landscape and cityscape photography.  Spend four hours with me learning how to photograph the vistas of London, from the beauty of the Royal Parks to the brutal and interesting buildings of central London, they all make for great images. Based at Royal Greenwich Park, we'll spend our time capturing images that you'll be proud to hand our your wall at home. We will cover composition, camera settings and will spend an hour reviewing  and learning how to edit the pictures that you have just taken. 

THE (NOT SO) SMALL PRINT........Tuition must be paid upon booking. In the event of a cancelation, made by you, you may be entitled to a partial refund. The amount returned to you will depend on how far in advance the session is cancelled. I will be happy to provide you with more detail.