Nutfield Priory Wedding Photography& Mrs Bundy.

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the marriage of Katie and Richard Bundy at Nutfield Priory, Redhill. I have shot there before but the view South of the venue never fails to impress. Even more so this weekend as the weather was fine and the visibility was fantastic. In the far distance you could see aircraft on the runway at Gatwick.

Anyway enough about the view at Nutfield Prioty and on to the wedding.  Set in lovely well kept grounds with a very picturesque main building, Nutfield Priory is a great place for a wedding. Great venues make my job a little easier. I photographed the brides preparation then spent a few minutes with the groom and key men. I’ve noticed how the mens attitude towards being photographed seems to have changed in resent years. Not so long ago many men were very uncomfortable in front of the camera but now most are at ease. Maybe we just have more pictures taken of us nowdays what with decent mobile phone cameras and the like. Men photographed then on to the ceremony. A very easy going affair with a little humour and no restrictions on photography, perfect. Formal shots and speeches covered then onto spending a little time with the bride and groom, my favorite part of the day. By this time they are both more relaxed in front of the camera and both posed in a relaxed way which made for some nice images. All in all a good day of photography.