The Atlantics, Quadrophenia Night.

I'm a big fan of the film Quadrophenia which is based on The Whos Quadrophenia album. The films lead is a character called Jimmy. Like many youths, Jimmys parents don't understand him nor do they like the music he listens to or the clothes he wears. He hates his 9 to 5 job in an advertising company's mailing division. Only when he's together with his friends, a 'Mod' clique, cruising the street of London and Brighton on his motor-scooter listening to the music of The Who and other soul classics, does he feel free and accepted. However his Mod association is a flight into an illusionary and contradictory world which exposes many issues that Jimmy has to deal with. It's a bloody great film with a great cast and even better music. If you haven't seen it go and download or buy it now!  

Earlier this year my wife and I went to Londons Jazz Cafe for a meal and to see a group called the Atlantics who were performing the music from the film, it was a 'Quadrophenia night'. Great music, a very good performance and tasty food, perfect!

Like many professional photographers, I never leave my house without a camera so during their performance I shot a few pictures of the band and emailed a few to them. A couple of weeks later I was invited by Drew Stanstall (featured saxophonist and sax player with The Specials) to photograph a number of The Atlantics Quadrophenia performances, last week was the first of the four gigs that I intend to shoot.

The performance took place at the Leicester O2 Academy. I decided to take a journalistic approach and record the bands preparation, the performance and the moments after the show. The Atlantics are as tight a band as you could ever want to hear and their performance went down very well with the substantial Mod audience that had gathered at the Academy.  I spent the best part of six hours photographing the night and captured some great images, a few of which are below. I hope that you like them.

May Photography. The Atlantics.-45.jpg